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Ftp Clients For Macs?


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I have used exclusively PCs for the last 4+ years, and in high school I only used Macs to type stuff and surf the net - all my website stuff was done at home. I use (and love) WS_FTP as a free FTP client - it's not fancy, it's not terribly pretty, but it does it simply and well.


So I got a job with the college newspaper and their whole office is Macs. I had to transfer photos to my home computer last week and, guess what, I couldn't. The pictures were so big that I couldn't get any email to send them. I looked up FTP programs for macs so I could upload them to my website and get them later, but couldn't find any free ones!


So please, do you have any suggestions? If anyone knows of a good free FTP program for Macs, I'll go that route.


I could also try installing an FTP interface like PHP-Nuke, I think is one of them. Someone I know mentioned Internet Explorer (we use IE on the Macs) has a built-in FTP functionality, would that work?


Bah, Macs, why Macs?? Grrrrr.

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Lets not get into the old Mac vs. PC thing! :)


Which OS are you running? OS X, OS 9, 8.5??


Are you looking for a free solution or is shareware OK?


I personally use Mac OS 10.2. Sometimes I just use the old command line ftp, but usually I use the shareware program Transmit. It seems to work flawlessly and is fairly intuitive. I think you can get a free trial at www.panic.com.


I have also used Fetch and Anarchie. They work fine as well.


Good luck,



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