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Billing: Declined Payments


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We had an issue this morning with our payment processor, causing them to decline a few thousand payments that we attempted to process. This was due to a security change on their end that we were not notified of, which resulted in limiting our daily transaction count.


This issue has now been corrected and we will be bringing customer access to our billing system back online shortly. If you received a declined notice this morning and know your account is up to date, then please ignore the notice. We will be reprocessing any accounts that were declined today and your accounts will remain active.


Thank you for your patience during this issue and please contact our support team if you have any questions.







What to do if you received a declined notice this morning?

  • If you attempted to update your card and it still failed, then please try updating your card again.
  • If you did not attempt to update your card. then please ignore the notice. We will be reprocessing invoices in the next 24 hours.
  • If you are unsure or can not access your billing account, please contact our support desk.

Will my account be suspended?

  • No, our standard suspension is after your account is a week overdue. You have plenty of time to update your account if needed and will be reprocessing failed invoices.
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