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SEO Thoughts:


You are in Google's Index, your PageRank is four and you have three relevant links.


You need more 'relevant' links. Relevancy defined here as an external page possessing a PageRank of three or higher.


You need to add Alt tags to all you images. Use keywords in these tags, not over use but definitely include them (e.g. Reiki Seichim Healers Header 1).


You have multiple <html> and <body> tags going.... bad :dance:


Change your <title> tag (it is too long): <TITLE>Reiki & Seichim Masters of Australia</TITLE>


Way to many keywords! Phrases like illness, ailment, cancer, sickness, global healing, etc. are not helping you in this context. Narrow them down to a true minimum and get rid of the spaces separating them (e.g. reiki,Reiki instead of reiki, Reiki).


Would like to see a header tag <h1> around your header: 'Reiki & Seichim Healers

of Australia'.




We provide FREE LISTINGS to

Reiki Healers in Australia.

We can also supply you with


We can also do all the setting up for you.

(check Members Pages for details)




Reiki Healers in Australia, we provide FREE listings to Reiki Healers in Australia.

Reiki Healers listing (this would be a link)

We also offer Reiki Healers Web Pages.

Reiki Healers web pages (this would be a link)


Good luck.

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Thank you for your help.

I have made the above changes except fro the 'revelant' links which I will have to search for.

and the

"Would like to see a header tag <h1> around your header: 'Reiki & Seichim Healers of Australia'."

I am not sure what you mean by this, as I am a newby and this is my first attempt at a web site. (not used to the lingo yet)




I was also told that the more times a key word is placed on the front page that it helps your rating. Is this truye?

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We will start again, this time in order of importance. Here we go:


1. You have multiple <html> and <body> tags going.... :( This needs to be addressed first.


<body link="#666666" vlink="#0066FF"><HTML>


Change to:

<body link="#666666" vlink="#0066FF" BGCOLOR="#E8E4E0">


The very bottom of your code:


Change to:



2. You need to add Alt tags to all you images.


3. Way too many keywords! Don't dilute the important ones by adding so many. Place them in order of importance and no more then four occurrences of the same word (e.g. reiki,Reiki,reiki classes,reiki australia would be four occurrences).


4. <h1> tags:


><font color="#333333" size="6" face="Harrington"><strong>Reiki 
               & Seichim Healers<br>
               </strong>of<strong> Australia</strong></font>


change to:


><h1><font color="#333333" size="6" face="Harrington">Reiki & Seichim Healers<br>of Australia</font></h1>


I really like your page layout and can not see how you could move your left links and still maintain the balance with your Angle. I do recommend always placing a links menu on the right though (always). Having said that, I would still leave it the way it is.


Non SEO note: Get rid of your visitors count... one it adds nothing to your page (actually distracts) and two, ~3500 visitors is not impressive... you know what I mean :lol:



Two more big hints:


1. Change your links (in the center).


e.g. What is Reiki, what is Seichim to Reiki and Seichim, what are they?


Get it, first words of the link should be the keyword phrase.


2. You have no body text on this page... well you have 24 words. I would add two or three (or four) paragraphs of body text several <br> below the TCH link at the very bottom of the page. Meaning no one will every really 'see' it. Start each paragraph with a keyword phrase and use the keyword phrase multiple times in the paragraph with <b> </b> flanking the phrase in some instances. Make this readable (i.e. 'real' content). Do not go overboard with keyword phrase (i.e. no spamming). One example of body text I would add:


><h2><font size="3" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">REIKI (raiki,rieki)</font></h2> 
<font size="3" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">The word <strong>Reiki</strong> (pronounced
ray - key) is derived from two Japanese words "rei," meaning "Universal Spirit," and "ki." meaning "life force energy." Combined,
<strong>Reiki</strong> means Universal Life Force Energy.</font>


Wow.... I was in a good mood tonight! :D


Good luck.

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Thank you again for your help and patience. :(

I have made the alterations and will add some further text at the bottom later.


I think I have made the alterations that you suggested.


If you have any further advice please let me know.


Thanks again for helping a newby woooot


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There was a typo in the code which is affecting your page:


<body link="#666666" vlink="#0066FF" BGCOLOR="#E8E4E0">


The 'B' is missing!


I will look at the rest later... leaving town for the weekend so it will not be until next week.

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Lots of information for everybody!


The TotalChoice philosophy is 'we are here to help'. This is why I address any PMs or emails within the forum... all can benefit (i.e. this should read as a gentle "please do not send PMs or emails" :) )

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