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Tch Has Always Been Great

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I have been with TCH for 2 years now and they ALWAYS respond very promptly. I have talked to them Several times on the Live Link with no problems.

Just wanted to thank everyone in Support!











عاطف رضا

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I have been a customer for 10(?) years.


I just wanted to bump this. I have had accounts elsewhere during that period (whilst remaining a Total Choice Customer throughout). The support here has been vastly superior.


One occasion that springs to mind is a protest site that I set up for a UK based customer. He was unhappy with a UK spread betting company- IG index.


IG Index sent a "cease and desist" order to his house via a courier. In a panic, I contacted TCH support.They told me that they had received the same demand but sent IG away with a flea in their ear. Were it not for TCH I might have caved in.


I have a reseller account, it is extremely good value, especially when you factor in support that is ultimately above and beyond anything that you would get from a UK firm.


Sorry for the bump but I just wanted to thank TCH.

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