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Having Difficulty Setting Up A Gmail Account And Importing Folders.

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I have several TCH hosted domains, and I have been so pleased with your service ........Carry on!.


Now, I have a TCH email, sales@av-ts.com. It has 10 years or so of light use, many folders, contacts and so forth.


I wish to use the GMAIL interface for the account, as Squirrel is a little clunky for me.


we have successfully set up a forwarder from sales@av-ts.com > to > AviationTechnicalSolutions@gmail.com, works good.


I would now like to PULL the contacts and folders to the GMAIL account.


To the best of my understanding , that is accomplished via gmail>settings>accounts and imports>import mail and contacts> then a few dialog boxes.


Now to the rub.


I need to allow GMAIL into the SALES@AV-TS.com account.


The proper way to log in is


User: sales+av-ts.com PW: ***********appropriate password.


Gmail will not allow that because it says sales+av-ts.com is not a EMAIL address, which is true because of the +.


is there any other way to "extract " the folders and contacts from the TCH hosted account, and upload them into gmail.


I found a tut that mentioned using Outlook as a intermediate step, but that was way back in 2008, and I have an allergy to Outlook anyway.


By the way, the connection between the two email accounts does not have to be LIVE, just a 1 time occurrence.


Any Ideas?



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Welcome to the forum, Todd. :)


I might miss something here, but where is the + sign needed?

I had a look at the import feature in gmail and as far as I can see you should be able to use SALES@AV-TS and not sales+av-ts.com.

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Well. Now I am a little more baffled than usual.


I can infact log into av-ts.com/webmail using :

User: sales@av-ts.com


That has no been true in the past. We were forced to log in with sales+av-ts.com as a user name.


Not sure why, but i recall it was the instructions received on our "Welcome" email after account set up.



Anywho, I still cannot get Gmail to connect to the account using sales@gmail.com.


I am double checking the password by logging out of Squirrel and manually typing the password to log back in.

can you think of any reason Gmail would not be able to log into our account?




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Google Apps Standard Edition (formerly known as "Google Apps for Your Domain") can host your personal email at Gmail, but without tying you to a gmail.com address for free. Obviously you'll need a domain to use this service, which will cost something to register. When you sign up for a Google Apps account, you'll have to set your domain name's email MX record to point to Google's servers (you'll get instructions on how to do that when you sign up). Once that's done, you've got Gmail behind your personalized domain name.


Not sure how you would import your folders though. Maybe if you sign up they may have some instruction.

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