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I am an independent developer of a field sales system for mobile devices (Android and iOS), and I use my TotalChoice account for several purposes:


  1. A standard marketing site, for desktop users.

  2. A site for disseminating information to both and mobile and desktop users.

  3. A hosting service for mobile users.

  4. A desktop web app to manage user the data.

Currently all these apps use PHP, HTML and CSS. The user information is held in a WordPress database, and displayed using RSS and XLST. This is a neat trick, that allows me to show different information to mobile and desktop users, without having to get involved in responsive CSS (which I am not a big fan of). So far, so good.


The area that I am not happy with is the web app, and in particular the menu. It has grown considerably over the last few years, from a site with just a few features to one with many. The 1990s look and feel has become a real issue.


  1. I would certainly consider using Ruby on Rails, but sadly this is not available on my TotalChoice account, and switching hosts is not an option for a live system.

  2. I could opt for a JavaScript framework, but I would be worried about browser compatibility. The last time I tried JQuery, I found that all the browsers had slightly different DOM models, which required extensive workarounds.

  3. I could persevere with good old fashioned PHP, HTML and CSS. I just need help in making it look sexy. I use Microsoft Expression as an editing tool. Sadly it is no longer supported, but it has much the same features as Dreamweaver, and it is great for small sites like mine.

  4. I am sure that there are other options that I have not even considered.

Is there any advice that you could give me? In case you are interested, the URL of my web site is http://www.vanware.co.uk. You will not be able to log in to the hosting service without an account, but I am happy to let you use one of my test accounts if you wish.

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