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Hey Everyone!

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Hey guys,


Raúl here, a.k.a borfast, ex-TCH-Raul, for those who might still remember :)


I still see a few familiar faces on the team page: Thomas, Dick, Bruce, and of course, Bill - glad to see you are all still around after over ten years! :)


Every now and then I open TCH's website on my browser just to check how the business is doing but today I decided to stop by the forums and wish a Merry Christmas to everyone.


TCH was a great place, not only for hosting my websites, but also for chatting and having a second "family". I spent good times here and I hope new customers feel the same!


Congratulations to Bill for keeping the business up and growing! :)

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Hey Raul,


How are you?

I´ve been thinking about you every now and then (how you are, what you do, those sort of things).


Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. :xmas:

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