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How Do I Access Cpanel If The Nameserver Is Not Pointed To Totalchoice

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I have pointed the nameservers away from totalchoice hosting but I need to access some old emails and also my website files from totalchoice hosting.

Is it possible to access the cpanel while the domain is pointed to another hosting server via the nameserver? Is there a direct url/ip address I can use?



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Hi James,


You can access your account on our servers before the DNS propagates using the following details.

Temporary website access::


Temporary cPanel access::


Login with the account's cPanel username and password.

Temporary FTP Access::

Use the Server IP as FTP address/host

Kindly note that you should replace "server IP" and "username" with the IP of the server hosting your account and the cPanel username of your account, respectively. You server IP and user name

can be found in the "Welcome email" that was sent to you when your hosting account was created.

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