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Mail Setup With Apple Mail Client


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I am setting up the mail for a new site and have setup the account in CPanel ok.


I am having trouble getting Apple Mail to connect via IMAP.

The identity of “boblo.tchmachines.com” cannot be verified.
An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made.

Initially I used the configuration script to setup my account, and got the error above so deleted the account and set it up manually, and get the same error.


Using Port 993.


Any suggestions?

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I'm having similar troubles trying to add my tch imap mail account to Mac Mail (Yosemite).


I've manually input all the server and port details provided in cpanel/configure mail client/manual settings, but Mac Mail just shows an exclamation point and does not connect to the server.


My TCH account shows lando.tchmachines.com as incoming and outgoing server. (Another of my tch accounts uses saijo.tchmachines.com. I haven't tried to set that one up yet.)


I had no such troubles adding my tch accounts to Thunderbird on my previous Mac, so I wonder what the problem is here.


Do you have any suggestions?



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I have checked and confirmed there are no issues with the service ssls on the server lando. For the hosting account hosted on lando, please verify that you have the incoming and outgoing mail servers set to lando.tchmachines.com on the email client. If the issue persists, please open a ticket via our help desk with your domain name, email account logins and screenshots of your email client settings so that we can review it.

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