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On July 27th at 9:59PM EST our monitoring system detected a batch of our virtual dedicated servers as not responding. On checking the server, we were able to see that the main server hosting them went readonly and got rebooted. We quickly tried to get the server back online by doing a full disk check by taking the server off the rack and working it manually. We are trying our best to get the services back online as fast as possible.

The servers affected by this outage are

We will be posting regular updates here on the status. Thank you for your understanding and patience.



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Hello TCH Family,


The server and all its VPS units have been restored to fully operational status at this time.


The RAID array that contains all the data for the VPS servers has gone into a very unusual degraded state and I am not going to pull any punches here with anyone, it is not good. I am not going to make any further attempts to rebuild this array and have decided to migrate all the VPS units to new hardware. This will take us a bit of time, the new hardware is already completed and ready to start taking on the VPS units.


We will be conducting fresh backups of the current VPS units over to our backup cloud. Once this is complete, we will then start a restore process of each VPS onto the new server. Everyone will keep their IP allocations and there will be no loss of any data. I do respectfully request that any site updates be put on hold until we complete this migration, if you make site changes during the backup process there is a chance that those changes will not be copied over.


There should be no downtime during this migration and we intend to start working on immediatley.


The VPS units are also being migrated to our new (unreleased) VPS control panel so clients will have much more control over their VPS units.


Thank you for your understanding and we all greatly appreicate your business and loyal support.


As stated, all VPS units that were effected are now back online and we are starting migrations to new hardware.

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The first server to be successfully migrated to our new vps setup is vps102. All account are transferred and verified working fine from the new box. Please note that we have retained the hostname and IP on the new box as well.

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