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Php Nuke 8.1 Website And Php 5.4


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Years ago I had a friend setup a simple and easy to use website, www.livewxradar.com using php nuke cms.

I have limited programming skills, but have been able to pick at the code to add stuff to the page, not normally done through the admin page.


It's worked for years, however, php 5.4 has been released, and the website stopped working.

Fortunately for me, totalchoice was able to get my site back up in "legacy" mode.


I checked on the web and got all the updates for phpnuke, however, it appears those updates stopped sometime in

2007. Which leaves me with the same problem. I cannot update to a current version, and be ready for next server side update of php.


Anyone know what is up with phpnuke? the programmer told me he sold the project years ago and the current website

doesn't have any news.



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I too am having trouble with a script that claims to be compatible with PHP5.4, however, I see error messages indicating the problem is related to connecting to the DB.


I have seen other sites say the issue is with how PHP5.4 connects to MySQL. Using old password hashes is the main suggestion for the error.


If I change the MySQL password for the DB user with PHP5.3 set to something else, I see the exact same error messages as when I run the script with the MySQL password set correctly and PHP set to version 5.4


This suggests the issue is more about how PHP and MySQL exchange passwords when connecting.


Note: I already have a support ticket open with this information.

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