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How To Distribute Data On Web Sites?


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Most popular CMS repository for files (images, videos) serves one folder located somewhere in the site directory (CMS), it adds the files to CMS website.

How to distribute this store?

For example, I have more than one billion images for my blog on WordPress and website hosting this whole file folder does not fit on it. How to put files on different dedicated servers? Need to know the method of creating links and mount on one folder. I can mount only one directory, but I need a distribution on multiple servers. Moreover, this problem is universal in all CMS. Even CMS for video hosting are arranged so that the repository for all video playing one folder in the site root.

Isn't there any single way to distribute data across servers?

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How you accomplish this is going to depend on what level of access you have to your service, your server OS, the scripting language used, and may other factors. Please feel free to open a ticket with our support department and provide more information about your current setup. Once we have more details, we can offer a solution to fit your needs.

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