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Clarity On Client Area, Subaccount, Product/service, Pws Etc.

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I just gained access to the Client area of a NonProfit site that has gone through many, many hands.


I've redesigned the entire website but befor I upload it I need to get into the cPanel to repair the webmail addresses.


I've added a subaccount (email and pw), I've also created a password under Starter Legacy (username and pw) plus created sign in for this forum (username, email, pw)


I'm now confused by all these names and passwords! :unsure:


What do I use to get into the cpanel? I tried the username, pw that I changed on the Starter Legacy page but it's not recognized.


Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?


Thanks for any insight you can provide.


Regards, Barb

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I just figured it out. I was trying to go in through the wrong page. When I entered the cpanel URL then put in the Starter Legacy username and pw it worked!




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