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Not Getting Mail

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For the last few days my email has been sporadic.


Thunderbird will notify me I have new mail - but there is nothing there.


Sometimes mail does come thru - sometimes not.


When I send test mail from hotmail - hotmail comes back "Delivery status notification (failure)".


This is happening with all three TCH hosted email accounts.


Thunderbird version 24.5.0


I looked and looked, but I'm not able to find setup info or mail server addresses on the TCH site.


Are there mail server issues?

Can someone refer me to reference page that shows mail server addresses?


thanks in advance

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You can verify your email configuration in your cPanel. Once you are logged into your cPanel, locate the "Mail" section then click on the "Email Accounts" icon. Once on the Email Accounts page, locate your email address and select the "More" drop-down, then click on "Configure Email Account". You will then be presented with several configuration options. Make sure you looking at the "Manual Settings" section, you do not want to use the auto-configure for an existing account in your mail client.




Concerning the sporadic mail issues, it is best to contact our support team at https://support.totalchoicehosting.com . They can review your mail logs and the server for any issues, as well as offer guidance on any errors you have received from hotmail.



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