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Mysql 5.1 End Of Life

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I was reviewing some info on my TCH server when I noticed the MySQL version is 5.1. This triggered a thought. A few minutes research and I found this article:




When will I see MySQL 5.5. (or 5.6? 11.42 supports both) on my server? What should I be doing now to make the upgrade easier on you and me?

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This is a very good question for our admin team. In fact, the question I have for them is not when - but why is this server and others not on 5.5? While there are major changes between the versions, there is not much clients have to worry about and it is already currently running on many of our servers.


So to answer your questions:


I will be taking this up with our admin team, expect to see this on your server by or before April 1st.

You should not have to do anything to make the upgrade easier and most will never notice it happened. The best recommendation I can give though, is to always make sure your scripts are up to date. This will ensure that 99.9% of client scripts are compatible with upgrades.

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