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I have been with TotalChoice for years now and at one time was managing 3 sites, now down to one. For the last year I have been managing a site for a local campground that is hosted by a different hosting provider. At 3 different time over the last year my client has forwarded me emails from the provider stating a high amount of CPU usage that the site is draining from the server. The ironic thing is that I am and was using GetSimple CMS on both sites. With the site hosted on TotalChoice, no problems what so ever, maybe a little slow page loading but that could be theme design. When I started having problems with the other provider I made the site all html static pages and that solved the issue, but when I try a CMS program is when the trouble starts.


I am in the process of trying to work with their support, so far its all been tech stuff I have no clue what it means. I am trying to figure it out but my knowledge is limited when it comes to the tech stuff.


Has anyone had a problem like this before? Where would I start to look to solve high CPU usage or is it out of my hands?


Thanks in advance.

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The variables at play here are numerous and will vary from server setup(ram, os, php, database, number of accounts), amount of traffic/visitors, script version, plugins/add-ons, and even small things like rewrites or redirects. Without knowing all of these nor access to the other account, it will be hard to say where to start, but here are some basic things to check.


  • Review your stats for increased or strange traffic(attacks, hot linking, etc).
  • Review your error logs for repeat issues with scripts.
  • Check the size and condition of your database - or in your case as this cms uses xml files, check the number of files in use.
  • Check for any known issues with script developer for the cms and any plugins in use.
  • Insure your install and all plugins are up to date.
  • Review your .htaccess file, and custom php.ini settings if you have one.
  • Check your cron jobs for issues.
  • Ask host if these loads are persistent, occurring at a specific interval, or at the same times daily.
  • Ask host if they can determine if its the entire cms or specific URL.
  • Rare, but determine if there is a server issue, this is something only your host can do.


If you or the host can narrow it down to a specific source then things will be a lot easier to improve or correct from there.

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