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Hey, I opened a ticket earlier ([#XTY-683-59727]: my website reverted to an earlier state) and got a couple quick responses...but the issue is unresolved, and now it's been a couple hours since I've gotten a response. The ticket is still listed as open, and last I knew, TCH had 24 support. Anybody know if that's changed?

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We are here 24/7/365 .. I am chewing A$# right now and your ticket is being responded back to shortly.


I think you will see a barrage of responses to this shortly.


I am sorry for this, this is not how I run TCH.

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Hi Eric,


Earlier today the server on which your account was hosted started showing disk issues. We tried our best to get it repaired but the call was made to get the account restored to a new server rather than loosing precious data by risking a disk check as the errors were bad. So we used the weekly backup that was found to have completed clean on Saturday, moved it over to a newly build server and restored the accounts from it. This was reported and continuously updated on the redqueen forum thread ::




Please accept my apologies for the delay caused in the ticket you raised. As Bill said, TCH support is and always has been 24x7x365. I assure you the ticket will be resolved and replied in a few minutes.



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