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Dns Server Migration :: Ns2.totalchoicehosting.com / Ns2.snhdns.com


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We are happy to inform you that the last of our nameserver has been migrated to our own new facility.

ns2.totalchoicehosting.com / ns2.snhdns.com

old ip ::
new ip ::

If your domain is pointed to us using the above DNS Host Names you will need to take no action. Your domain will continue to work after our migration to our new server. If you are using the DNS server's IP address to point your domain name to us then you will be required to update the IP at your DNS registrar to the new one mentioned above.


The change involved migrating over 24000 zones to the new server. All tests indicate they are now resolving via the new one on the cluster. We will be monitoring the server for a couple of days to ensure that it slots in perfectly and will be working on any post migration issues we may see. As always, our tech team is online 24x7 to answer to any and all queries you may have.



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