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Hacked Again, Website Ruined, Now Site & Blog Totally Down

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I've been hacked by Lebanese Anonymous several times this year, possible due to my old Flash website template. I purchased firewall protection from Sucuri a couple months ago, but got hacked again a couple weeks ago. I had Sucuri clean it and try to reinstall my site again, but all the images are gone (and I'm a photographer). Given that it's engagement season, I attempted domain forwarding (through GoDaddy) my dead website to my blog, both of which are hosted here, to buy myself time while I create a new website. Unfortunately, that managed to crash everything, including my email, I guess.

So I have no website, no blog, and no email.

I've contacted GoDaddy to have them stop the forwarding, which of course takes time. But I should be able to log into my contol panel, shouldn't I?

This is the error message:

This website is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.


Any thoughts on what I should do?





website: www.pezzphoto.com

blog: www.pezzphoto.com/photojournal


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I can´t verify that you are hosted by TCH, but if you are, please open a ticket with the help desk and ask them to have a look at this. Link in my signature.

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It seems you are still using wrong name servers, you will have to update your domain name information with the following nameservers




If you want us to change them for you,Please update your ticket with domain control panel user-name and password, so that we can assist you further.

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