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Any Good Domain Registrars Not Affiliated With Godaddy?


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I have been unhappy with GoDaddy affiliated domain registrars due to ICANN violations with a couple of my domains. Since my websites are hosted here I thought I would transfer my domains to TCH. Alas, TCH uses securepaynet.com (a GoDaddy company) to process domains registrations.


Any thoughts on cheap .ORG registrations that don't use GoDaddy companies for their registration/payment processing?




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Brian, I use NameCheap as a registrar.namecheap.com/ A friend recommended them and I have been very happy with them since I started moving away from GoDaddy early this year because I am sick of GoDaddy's sexist marketing. I believe in keeping my domain registration company separate from where I host (here) and I only use them for domains. I also like that they don't bombard me with tons of advertising emails although they do occasionally send a sale/discount offer or news about their services.


I hope this is helpful.


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well I have been with TCH for a long long time and I do it all through them.




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