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Asian Character Spam


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I have recently been receiving Spam with Asian (Chinese or Korean?) looking characters in the subject line and body. I searched the forums for an easy way to block it through CPanel but could not find anything.


I used the International setting in Outlook and this may have blocked some but not all. Besides, that doesn't work on my mobile devices (naturally). I would like to block them with Account Level Filtering or Spam Assassin. Is there an easy way for a beginner to do this?


Thanks for your help!

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I have done some research and found language options for Spam Assassin that may help, but I don't know where to enter this information on the Spam Assassin configuration page.


I am thinking the following expression would work since I do not get emails in languages other than English. I believe this would allow only English emails.


ok_locales en


The CPanel Spam Assassin configuration page lists options for the following:






Does anyone know where to put the above expression and if it will work?




Here's what I found regarding ok_locales


ok_locales xx [ yy zz ... ] (default: all)

This option is used to specify which locales are considered OK for incoming mail. Mail using the character sets that are allowed by this option will not be marked as possibly being spam in a foreign language.

If you receive lots of spam in foreign languages, and never get any non-spam in these languages, this may help. Note that all ISO-8859-* character sets, and Windows code page character sets, are always permitted by default.


Set this to all to allow all character sets. This is the default.


The rules CHARSET_FARAWAY, CHARSET_FARAWAY_BODY, and CHARSET_FARAWAY_HEADERS are triggered based on how this is set.


ok_locales all (allow all locales)
ok_locales en (only allow English)
ok_locales en ja zh (allow English, Japanese, and Chinese)


Note: if there are multiple ok_locales lines, only the last one is used.


Select the locales to allow from the list below:
en - Western character sets in general
ja - Japanese character sets
ko - Korean character sets
ru - Cyrillic character sets
th - Thai character sets
zh - Chinese (both simplified and traditional) character sets

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