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Remote Mysql W/ Access 2010

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HI have had TCH support looking this over and they confirm that my remote mysql ip settings are ok but cannot provide any help as to why I cannot connect via Access 2010. Here are my steps - any help appreciated.


1. Create a new blank database

2. Select External Data

3. Select ODBC database

4. Link to the data source

5. Select Machine Data Source tab

6. Select New

7. Select SQL driver

8. Name = Authuser MySQL

9. Description = Online Login Credentials

10. Server = serverIP

11. Next

12. Select With SQL Authentication

13. Login Id = usernameof dB

14. Password = passwordof dB


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It has been a long time since I have used Access and I may be reading your post wrong, however one thing does stand out to me that needs to be checked. You stated in step 7 to select "SQL" driver, but you should be selecting the "MySQL" driver. If you haven't installed the OBDC driver for MySQL, you can get the last connector at http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc/

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Thanx Dick ... I've used the connector that comes w/ Access and the one that you reference in your link and both have failed with same error. And, this is also with firewall turned off.

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