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I get lots of spam, usually 200-300 daily. Most of it is usually caught by spam assassin (set to 1) and goes into the spam folder with some getting through to the inbox but at least its an easily managed amount. A few days ago it seems like things got reversed, I started getting lots of spam emails in the inbox and a very few in the spam folder.


I went to the control panel, disabled spam assassin, then re-enabled it. Seemed to work perfect, things went back to normal. Until today when it happened again. Got hundreds into the inbox and a few into the spam folder. About an hour ago I disabled then re-enabled spam assassin again but it did not seem to make a difference as since then I have seen 15 or 20 spam emails in the inbox and nothing in the spam folder.


I know nothing about how this works and just barely fumble my way through so need and will appreciate any help.


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