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Ssl Certificate Renewal Should Be Simpler.


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Hey Guys,

First let me say, TCH rocks! I've been using you guys for my site and my client's sites for over 10 years. But I do have one suggestion. SSL Certificate Renewal should really be made easier. I've had a couple clients that have needed renewals and it seems the process always has issues, every year.

Recently I noticed that TCH is now emailing customers to let them know that the SSL needs to be renewed. This is a great improvement over the past when it just expired and nobody knew until a customer trying to checkout saw the expired certificate (yes clients should pay closer attention, but they don't). However in this email it says to call, and when my clients call the person just says, "Email me your request". Then when they do email, there is no response. We usually end up having to open a support ticket to get things started. Then when the link given to pay for the SSL, is used TCH sometimes doesn't have a record of payment. Then this starts a whole new group of issues, and the need to pay again. Also we need to supply the same information again (company, address, passcode, etc.) that was already given a year ago.

So, I would just love to see this process be streamlined. Maybe even make it auto renew (if possible) like your other hosting services. Or maybe make a much easier 1-2-3 step process to renewal that you could include in the email notification of SSL renewal (SSL for Dummies). TCH price for SSL is a little higher than most, but making the process streamlined would make it worth it.

Just a suggestion, to make TCH even better than it already is.



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Hi jberg,


Thanks for bringing this up, I know this is something i addressed with you here back in August of 2012. While progress has been slow there have been some changes made per our previous discussion. The first being the email notices prior to expiration , which it appears are in need of some tweaking, so I have asked our team to get that sorted.


Regarding the other issues you mentioned, we do have now have this product integrated into our hosting billing now. As beautiful as the new integration is, I am not happy with it at this time because it requires too much action from our clients, which we feel you should not be responsible for.


Just for the fun of it though, here are a couple of samples from February of the new integration.

ssl.jpg ssl_1.jpg


Since I am not happy with this we have added a new bundle to our system which we are rolling out soon along with changes to our IP address products and policies. Once we have worked out new pricing details and procedures, we will then begin using this bundle. This will eliminate many of the issues you mentioned, including payment records.


Here is a sample of what the bundle purchase will most likely look in the end.



Concerning the resubmitting of the certificate information, this is a two fold issue as it is needed every time and sometimes clients have a need to change them. However, we will be eventually addressing this procedurally on our end to provide an option to review or resubmit.


As for auto renewal on certificates, at this time we are going to continue to focus on notification, improved procedures, and eventually additional SSL products.


Thank you for the feedback and I hope I was able to address all of your concerns. Please let us know if you or anyone has any additional questions or feedback, we will do our best to address them here.



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