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Perl Scripts Stopped Working

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I noticed today that perl scripts were no longer running on my sites. In place of the script result I got the standard "[an error occurred while processing this directive]" message.


Nothing on the site has changed from when it worked and when the perl scripts stopped working. Has something changed recently such as syntax, permission requirements, etc. regarding scripts running? There was a server migration recently and although I don't know for sure if that correlated to the scripts stopping, that is possible.


I submitted a ticket this morning (Ticket# MFB-205-21129) but have not heard anything yet. Since submitting the ticket, the error message is no longer showing but the perl script result is blank (indicating it is not running).








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I checked the help desk, your ticket was handled and replied to by our tech Alex in under 30 minutes explaining what was done. Kindly check it out and if you still need assistance, feel free to reopen the ticket simply by replying to the email update you got from us without changing the subject line.

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Thanks for the reply.


I did not get any reply email(s) from the help desk. I also checked my junk email folder to see if the email was there (totalchoicehosting is also on my safe sender list and I do get other emails from TCH).


I noticed on the Support Desk help page ( the page with "Submit Ticket" link at https://support.totalchoicehosting.com/index.php?/Core/Default/Index ) there is an account login box. I clicked on the Lost Password link and entered my email address to see if I would get an email successfully. A green box popped up and said an email had been sent with new password information. I did not get this email.


I also tried the "I've Forgotten My Password" link for this Forum we are on now and I DID get an email within a few seconds using the same email address.


It looks like I am not getting the reply emails from support (especially if I should be getting the password reset emails from the support page account login at the link posted above)...

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