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Mail From Matra Blocked By Gmail


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The subject says it all. Gmail is now classing all email sent from matra server as spam.




Why is this message in Spam? We've found that lots of messages from matra.tchmachines.com are spam.


So not sure if this is Gmail being overly touchy with their spam filtering of if someone on matra has been compromised.

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Well I submitted a ticket and have just spent an hour or two with some tech who got it in to their head that there was no issue because the emails are being received by the Gmail server with no errors :|


I probably shouldn't of used the term blocked but pretty sure I didn't say that in my ticket. Just checked and my ticket clearly states that Gmail is now classing all email from matra as spam.

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Are you forwarding all of or a large amount of your email to gmail? If so this is potentially a source of the block as gmail will see the fowarded mail as coming from you or your server, which can be made worse if spam emails are being fowarded. If you are getting spam from these fowards and then marking them as spam, gmail would then assume the adddress you fowarded it from or your server is the source.


Since i do not know how you are handling your fowards, the above is only an assumption based on past issues we have seen with fowarding all emails. The reccomended thing to do in such a case is add a Filter to gmail for your server hostname and your domain, to "Never send it to Spam". You should also make sure that you delete any unwanted fowarded mail and never mark it as spam.


However, if you are using gmail as your primary source of viewing mail, I would replace the forwards with the use of gmail's POP3 feature and pull your email directly into gmail.



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