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I just celebrated my eighth anniversary as a Happy TCH Customer (there should be a trademark for that) with a new domain name and shared server. This one is the result of yet another person asking me for a recommendation of an ISP.

As always, I simply said :tchrocks:

As usual, I am on the road and working from a laptop, but since the question came from my less computer savvy brother, I volunteered to acquire the resources and set up his website for him. (He owes me now.)


However, I was surprised that the usually painless server acquisition process came to a screeching halt with a "Fraud Alert". My tech support email was answered immediately (ok, a full nine minutes later but that qualifies as "instantaneous" everywhere but TCH) by Dick, TCH General Manager. He apologized for the block and explained that there was a significant discrepancy between the location of the request and the address on my credit card, but he had already removed the block and my new server was on the way. Indeed, the emails about it had arrived just before his.


Most folks would have been satisfied with that and let the matter drop, but I wanted to know if there was any other issue with my account that might have factored into the alert. That meant another trip through Support and more of TCH Dick's time and attention. He couldn't have been more gracious, forthright, and helpful.


So, when I happened on this Forum and saw that the top topic was "Support is Deteriorating", I felt compelled to post my recent experience just to set the record straight. :)



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