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Can I Create An Alias For An E-Mail Address That Hides My Domain Name?

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Hello everyone!


I'm sure this is a commonly asked question, but I'm not entirely sure how to do what I want, despite researching it, so I am requesting assistance, please.


I have a TCH account and need to create a new e-mail account and address. I currently have eight and need a ninth. However, I want the new e-mail account to be as anonymous as possible. By that, I mean I want the domain name NOT to be known to the public.


Is there a way to create an e-mail account/address and then create an alias for it that I can give out to the public? If there is such a method, is it available through TCH, or do I need to use a third-party service? If I do need a third-party service, is there one that is free and also ad-free?


Thank you for your help! Jd

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You can only create email addresses with your domain name. Same goes for forwarders. You would need a third party service to do what you are requesting.


I'd recommend something like GMail and have it forward to an email address on your domain.

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