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Advisory - Winter Storm

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The National Weather Service is currently forecasting a Nor'easter snow storm for Friday, February 8, 2013. With snowfall amounts of up to 10 inches and wind gusts up to 40 mph forecasted.


We have been hard at work today taking measures to guard against service interruptions.


All of our Electrical and emergency power systems including Generators and UPS/Batteries were just tested this past Monday as part of our monthly service testing. So we are very confident that our redundant power systems are ready to handle loads in case of a Utility Power Failure. Our fuel vendors have been notified and they are on standby ready to provide additional diesel fuel in the event of a long term utility power outage.

Throughout the storm, in addition to normal monitoring, we will be performing an increased number of visual inspections of the building structure and all critical systems. In the event an emergency response is necessary, incident notifications will be sent. In addition, our Network Operations Center can be reached 24x7 by emailing support@totalchoicehosting.com


Thank you for being a valued customer of TotalChoice Hosting.

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