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Setting Up Server On Dreamweaver

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I just bought Dreamweaver to design my website and I have to set up the server in order to upload it to my site but I have no idea what to put in each line.

It first asks for a server name and I don't know what that should be.

Then it says connect using ftp.

Next it asks for the ftp address and shows 21 for the port.

I know what to put for username and password.

Then it asks for a root directory and a web url. I figure my website is what I use for url but I don't know what I'm suppose to use for anything else. I hope someone here can help me. Oh and I bought dreamweaver cs6.

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Thanks so much. That did help me a lot. The server name kind of threw me. I thought I needed to know what server totalchoice was on and then I just wasn't sure what needed to go in each of the fields.

When I set this all up, my web url automatically showed up but with /public_html/ at the end. I assume that's because that's where all my files get stored.

I tested it out and it said I was successful. Now I just need to figure out how to actually use Dreamweaver and create my site with it.

I've been using Microsoft Expression Web 4 and actually like it but I saw an add that said Dreamweaver had the WYSIWYG editor and lets you create pages that can be used on various devices so I thought I'd buy it.

I think I'm going to head to a book store today and find a dummy book to help me figure out how to use the program. I am totally lost.

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So I have been trying to connect by FTP with Dreamweaver and I keep getting an error code. I know this is an old post on the forum but I was wondering what may have changed when setting up FTP in Dreamweaver. I have Dreamweaver CC. I tried setting everything up like the sample posted but it does not work. I am using my CPanel Username and Password for the FTP username and password.

Any suggestions would be appreciated



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