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Instructions On Moderating Email (Kids Account) ?

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I'm trying to set up an email account in my TCH-hosted e-mail for my young son so that he can send e-mails to the grandparents and family. However, I'm very concerned that somehow his e-mail might get out in the wild (sharing e-mail addresses with his friends at school) and start receiving spam and other not-so-good emails.


Is there a way that all his incoming/outgoing e-mail go through a moderation step where it requires my authorization before going in-out ? That way, I could prevent offensive or spam emails to go through (the out portion is mostly for those programs that may want to send emails in the back). I've done some research in the CPanel options and cannot find anything like (found filters and so, but nothing that would allow for an approval before).


I know that he could get a gmail account/hotmail account and very easily bypass this moderation, but that will take a couple of years in which he would become used to using e-mail. Of course I'll remove this moderation eventually (not my cup of tea to constantly moderate/read his e-mail) but want some sort of control at this young age.







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