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Sql Backup Issues


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On my site I run a phpbb3 forum. The database is about 1025mb in size (350,000+ posts). No matter how I try to pull a backup it only ends up being no larger than about 225mb and is missing a ton of data (typically mid phpbb3_posts table and on). Am I doing something wrong? Is the DB too large for a conventional backup?

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You probably have already gotten help with this, but just in case you haven't, I'll offer a few ideas.


Are you backing up through the phpbb admin control panel, or via cPanel?


If you are using the phpbb backup system in ACP, your backup is probably exceeding the max execution time. The server that you are on probably is set to the php default of 30 seconds. The bad thing about how the phpbb script works is that you don't get a warning if that has happened; you just get an incomplete backup. Or at least that is the way that it used to work -- I quit the forum that I had a couple of years ago when 3.0.08 was the current release. I realized one day that although the content on my forum was growing, the size of my backup file had stopped getting larger, and then started digging into the matter.


My problem was solved by using the cPanel backup function instead of the phpbb backup script.

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