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Trash Can Will Not Empty


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I had been trying out some php cms a couple of days ago. Since I was not satisfied with any, I decided to drop the databases and delete the sub-folders with those CMS.

I had no problems with most of them, but I had this 2, when I deleted the folders (or sent them to trash), I couldn't completely get rid of them.


Now I have 2 folders on the trash I am unable to delete. One says 'permission denied' and the other says 'folder is not empty' (even using flasfxp with the 'show hidden files' switch, I couldn't see any file).


Any ideas? I don't think they are taking too much space, but still, the are annoying just sitting there.

could a member of the TCH team delete them for me?


my domain http://videoproduccion.org


thanks in advance

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The reason the "empty" folders can't be thrown away is because it still contains an invisible file named "icon" which the server says isn't even there.


It seems I create this icon by uploading directories with dependent files to the server rather than creating the directory and then uploading its contents secondarily.


This is not convenient procedure for managing large sites yet irritating to dismiss this extra step and then be stuck with dirs that fill up the trash and can't be deleted.


I'd like to know how to avoid this icon file from the start.



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Its also caused by the fact that some of the folders are setup to be owned by the server itself. This is common with things like Gallery, most bloggers etc. It is done as a security feature more then anything else.


The only people who can delete these folders and files are Us (Total Choice Staff) who have direct access to the server to change the permissions. There is unfortunately no way around this, but anytime your trash don't empty, just submit a help ticket and we shall take care of it for you with no problems



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