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Can Existing Account For Certain Website Be Changed To A New Website?

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I have a hosting account with TCH for a website I've allowed to become inactive; the domain registration (not registered through TCH) has expired.


If I want to publish a new website, can I delete the files for the old website from my existing TCH acct and use it for the new website? Or, would I need to close this account and open a new account?

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Yes, you can delete off the files of the old site and then upload new contents. There is no need to cancel the existing one. You can also register a new domain and then open a ticket to our support team (link is on my signature and on the top menu) and request changing the domain name of the hosting account as well.

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Thank you for contacting us,


Please note that if only your domain name has been expired, no need to purchase a new hosting account. You just purchase a new domain or renew the existing domain and then contact to us via ticket at https://support.totalchoicehosting.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit


with the cPanel user name and password of your existing hosting account.


We will change your primary domain name of your hosting account and you can continue your existing hosting to publish a new website as well.



Thank You,



Antonyo Harrison

Technical Support

TotalChoice Hosting, L.L.C


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