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Can't Set Up Email Using Imap

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I ran the script to configure my email client (iMac Mail) for IMAP. Can't get mail. It keeps asking for my password. I changed my password for the existing POP email in cPanel, but it still won't go through. What do I have to do to get this thing to work? I've tried everything I can think of.


Do I have to create a new email account on the server? I'm using the same email address for the IMAP email as the existing POP account in my client software.

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I access my accounts via my phone using IMAP and POP on my computer so the only thing different is the port numbers being used to access the account. Use port 143 for non SSL access or 995 for SSL access when setting up the account.

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No matter what settings I use, I keep getting the message: "The IMAP server “mail.tchmachines.com” rejected the password for user “me@****”". I've changed the password in cPanel to an easy one so that I'm sure I'm using the correct password.


The mail setting on my compugter defaults to 993 when I select the SSL box. I've tried both 993 and 995.


The script I ran puts the "@" sign after the username, but the help text that tells you to use a "+" sign after the username. Which is correct??? I've tried both.


Should I have "INBOX" in the IMAP path prefix box? I've tried it with and without.

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