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Pointing Second Domain Name To My Site


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Hi, I have sent an email to the help desk but no reply in 3 days.


I have an account associated with my domain (call it domain1.ca). This is a starter account so very basic.


I want my other registered domain (call it domainother.ca) to point to domain.ca


I don't want a second directory, I just need anyone going to domainother.ca to actually go to domain.ca


I am not sure how to do this and suspect I have to enter an A record but not sure. Can you advise?

I have already entered the TCH domain name server info for both domains and my domain registrar.






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I am unable to locate a recent ticket for either of your hosting accounts nor should we have any outstanding tickets needing a reply after 3 days for hosting support. Is it possible you sent an email to our domain department for this request? If it was to our hosting desk, then please let me know the ticket # and we will get it sorted for you asap.


If you didn't receive a ticket #, then please open a ticket at https://support.totalchoicehosting.com (you do not have to login to submit a ticket) and request that the domain be parked on your hosting account.

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