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Outlook Email Issue


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hi, ive been getting a popup that started today, and have never had this happen before. ok it says this below


Courier-IMAP server shut down by signal.

Protocol: IMAP

Server: mail.beautifulimpressions.net

Port: 143

Error Code: 0x800CCCDD


ok now i just also noticed when i setup my email for this account that i did it wrong as i did it in a imap setting and i dont know how to fix it and set it as a pop3 account like my mail.preciousmoments4you.com is setup as. i am not tech savy and it seems the support guy who is helping me on my ticket doesnt seem to comprehend i am not good at all this mambo jumbo stuff lol :lol2:

so i am reaching out to someone here in the forum who can help me. ok the support guy sayd to back up my file then he says to uninstall outlook completely ( I DONT THINK SO ) cause if i did that then all my emails and sent mails and everything would be gone, so im asking, this one question to him and he still wont answer it, " Should I delete the actual email account under settings kim@beautifulimpressions.net and re add it as a pop 3 "??? cause i did try that and it wouldnt let me cause it already exisit lol so i noticed a question that says ( i seen a setting that said ( deliver new messages to - exisitng file or new data file, coudldnt i do that? or no?) please if anyone can help me i would so kindly appreciate it. i am not good at all this tech savy stuff and its hard for me to totally understand stuff like this. my husband even read the email and he is tech savy and even he said "What is this guy talking about" so even he had no clue.

thank you so much.

I can still get email at my mail.beautifulimpressions.net even though i messed up and set it up as a imap not realizing what i did at the time, when i set it up months ago lol but now im getting that stupid pop up about shutting down the imap server. thanks again and i hope someone here can help me :rolleyes:

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This is one of the most common error messages confronted by many Outlook users. Still, some users find it difficult to fix this error message. It's very easy to fix this error message. I've found this article containing some useful information - wordpress.semnaitik.com/2017/08/17/fix-outlook-error-0x800cccdd/

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Thanks for this tip. Although I had the same problem, but I solved it simply by installing a new email client. But now I have many projects related to statistics (in particular, a grouped frequency distribution) and big data, and all project participants are working remotely, so it was hard now to do the same operation again.

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