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Amd Catalyst ... And Programs Like This ?

Mrs. Muddled

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I posted earlier today on this subject and I may not have placed in the right spot.


I discovered an update for this program on my desktop this morning. It had also place an icon in my toolbar at the bottom of my screen.


I know nothing about this program. It wants to update itself on my computer. I am very hesitant to do this because I do not know anything about what it is or what it does ... or how it got onto my "new" computer.


It looks like it has something to do with gaming. I don't game.


I checked my programs and I also have CCC which is another catalyst program.


Can someone fill me in so that I know if I should delete them both or update them.


Many thanks for your time.

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Hi there,


Judging by your post, it seems that this is a new computer for you, correct? ATI Catalyst is a program bundled with the drivers for your graphics processing unit (GPU) or video card. It allows you to customize how your computer displays things, and allows for other customizations. CCC.exe is the process for this program. It is similar to the NVIDIA GeForce driver program you may have had on your previous PC. If you'll look at the CCC.exe process in your task manager, you should see it running from the C:\

Program Files\ATI Technology directory (or Program Files (x86)). If its running from this directory, you should have no concern over whether or not it is a legitimate process.

Also, it is definitely good practice to keep your drivers updated for all hardware running on your PC, so there is no harm in updating this.


It is possible to remove this program, but should not be necessary. If you really want to remove this program, or would just like more information on the process, this guide should be helpful:



Hope this helps,

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My apologies for not responding when I first read your reply. Just to let you know, I understand what you said and I now realize what the program is and I'll do the updates as they arrive in the future.


Many thanks.



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