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Forums Are Now Off Network!

Head Guru

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Hello TCH Family,


We have been asked by many to have better communications with our clients during times of need. To that end we understood that during any network outage that we ever have had (and there have only be a couple in the 12 years of TCH) it would be very nice to have a open line of communcaitons with our family.


Effective last night we have moved these here user forums to a off network server. This means that these forums are being hosted in a totally different data center that is not dependent on the TCH Network or DataCenter. So... if TCH ever does suffer a network outage these here forums will be up and running for all our clients to check in on and recieve any updates from us directly on the forums.


I hope this makes sense, I am thinking i confused myself during this post.


It is a great day to be a TCH Guru!


Thanks in Hosting!


Bill Kish

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Thanks for doing this Bill. This makes tons of sense to have your forums on a separate entity away from your Michigan

server farm. The fast response on a holiday to the hacking of TCH servers was fantastic. This is why I have been with TCH

for over 9 years.


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The original post made sense Bill, but nothing is ever 100% assured as you and most others well know, but it is a good idea to have it on a separate network away from the main one, just for the reasons you have said. Hope to be back with you soon too.

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