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Why Tch? I'll Tell You Why.

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I will be the first to admit that I am not that great with working on websites, there was a time but that's another story. Due to this I sometimes make mistakes that have an impact on my site. "Honestly, officer, I have no idea why I decided to delete everything at the root level and not do anything about it for several weeks." This was pretty much my issue last night. TCH-Tina got me taken care of and didn't even poke fun at me for being a dork.


It's because of this that I am with TCH. I don't have to use support that often, but when I do they are always there for me. Trust me, if they treat ME like I am important I know that they will treat you that way too. I don't even pay enough per month to buy Bill lunch yet my issues are always resolved in a timely manner and if there are any escalated issues they are dealt with quickly.


I've not been here since the ark struck ground because it is inexpensive, I am here because I am treated right.

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