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Questions On A Wordpress Theme


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If someone has the time and inclination, I could use some css/php assistance please. ;)


I'm playing with a new WordPress theme that can be found here - http://wordpressthem...detail/832.html


I have it installed at www.gryfaliasaerie.com


Two things I'm struggling with are:


1. How can I get photos to show up on the main page and in the recent articles at the bottom as it shows in the sample (see first link above)?


2. There is a photo in the bottom left of the sample, whereas mine says No Categories. I can't figure out what this No Categories is or what should be there. I went out to the developer's site as well but it didn't answer these questions.


Thank you! I can attach a zip file of the theme, but I wasn't sure if that was allowed or not.

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1) you will need to check your wordpress media setting to see how images are shown on the theme.


2) Categories will be displayed only after you add a few.


Please go on and publish a few test posts, images etc so that the site gets some content and then you will be able to rearrange things to show up on the pages as you want from the WP admin section.

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