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Move Mysql Database From A Webos To Cpanel

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A friend is moving a mySql database from a server with WebOS to a server with cPanel.

I have been trying to help research the problem with her and having no luck.

Both servers have PHP admin, and export of the database has been transfered to the new server.


But the mySql USER NAME conventions for the servers are totally different.

The file fails to import because the new username does not have permissions to use this database.

The user naming at old server is abcde12345

The user naming at the new server is azqtlp_12345 where the azqtlp is always the user name of the hosted account followed by underscore.

And of course the user name on the hosted account is not the same on both servers

She tried to create a user azqtlp_12345 on the old server and it will not allow that.

She tried to create a user abcde12345 on the new server and again no joy.


SO... how the heck do you get import and use the database on the new server???

Can someone point me to a solution for this?


By the way, I tried to get her to come to TCH but she is just combining her sites on one host now - two sites, one account without reseller package.

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You need to edit the exported file and put the current database name and user name into it I believe.

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