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Does Tch Support Lightspeed Webstore?

Guest bmclain

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Guest bmclain

I currently have a basic hosting plan with lightspeed, but I would like to install and host LightSpeed Webstore (http://www.lightspeedretail.com/ecommerce/). What kind of hosting plan would I need to be able to install and run this software?


These are the requirements specified (also an SSL cert will be required):



Hosting Web Store with a Third-Party Solution


Customers who are hosting their own web store must verify that their hosting environment meets the minimum requirements as follows:

  • Minimum PHP version 5.2.4 (5.3.x recommended)

  • Apache 2.0

  • MySQL 5

  • A valid SMTP host (the system will use "localhost" by default)

The following libraries and options must be installed and active for Web Store:

  • MySQLi, PHP Session support, cURL support, Multibyte Support, SOAP Library, MCrypt Library and GD Library.

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All our shared hosting plans support your requirements, below are the configurations we have


PHP 5.3.6 as default with legacy PHP 5.2.17 as secondary which will be phased out soon

Apache 2.2.17

MySQL 5.1.56


The PHP modules are all part of PHP 5.3.6


SSL will be $150/year which includes the fee for purchase, install and the dedicated IP.

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