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How To Embed Comments Section On Pages?

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I'd like to create a box on each of my pages so readers can leave comments, preferably with a Captcha system to filter spambots and some means for me to delete comments from human spammers. Can anyone suggest a solution for this that will work well with CPanel and the software pre-installed on TCH's servers?

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Hello, Thomas. Long time, no see.


I'm actually thinking more along the lines of a sort of generic script that I can customize to suit my site.


WordPress is entirely out of the question; I want a maximum of autonomy and a minimum of prefabricated design. I thought about Disqus, but there I run into a technical issue: I'm using Mac OS 9 (and am unable to upgrade right now because of financial strictures), and Disqus isn't recognizing my browser or letting me log in.

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