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How To Complain?

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I've been a customer for many many years and have always found the staff professional and helpful but the member of staff I dealt with today just seemed to be a call center operator following the scripted responses from a screen in front of them without actually understanding the problem or listening to what I was saying. I don't want to go in to this publicly so would be grateful if a senior meber of staff could contact me.

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Thank you for taking the time to deal with this personally as well as the trust you have shown in me.


This incident and the change you implemented has made me audit my webspace and I have deleted old scripts I no longer use as well as updaing some I wrote when I was still just learning PHP to sanitize all inputs. Whilst I don't think any of them were a risk the changes you have implemented have made me think safe is better than sorry.


I would just like to say again that nearly all of my dealings with TCH staff have been professional and friendly. I would like to specially point out people like Andy who used to be your UK tech many years ago and would take the time to talk to me on messenger when I had problems. Thanks also go out to Dick, Bruce and Thomas for the help and intelligent forum input I have seen from them over the years.

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