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Smtp Port 25 Blocking


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Hello All,


Joined TCH a week ago, moved from PowWeb which is pretty decent hosting by the way. So far TCH outperforms it, my opinion - thank you TCH.


Regarding SMTP port 25 blocking (ISP) - my experience not so much you can do about it. I understand it should prevent spam distribution (in theory) however it brings no comfort either. PowWeb has port 24 along with 25 - a nice feature I would say.

My question: is it possible or will it be/was considered to have an alternative port for SMTP?


Thank you.


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I too would welcome something like port 24 or even 2525 as a "back door" to smtp. So far all my ISP's haven't blocked 25. Then again I don't use EarthLink or anyother ISP that blocks Port 25.


But I am moving again in a couple of months and I feel my luck my be running out. Looks like ISP maybe limited to HellSouth or Adelphia. I know that Adelphia blocks port 25, sometimes all ports due to their horrible internet service in general! :goof:


I think that HellSouth is now blocking Port 25 with their DSL service.

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Cox is now blocking port 25 on their cable modem service in Oklahoma. I just changed my smtp servers to use theirs and that has worked fine. Usually they have it set to accept authentication so that you can login with your ISP username/password and then send mail as any address.

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I solved this problem using a jailshell. See the following discussion:



It could be solved with any shell access you might have where port 25 is not blocked.


Unfortunately, the jailshell was somehow disabled and I need to get it enabled again. I intend to configure my mail reader to read mail via ssh as well so that my passwords etc. always go ever the interent encrypted instead of "in the clear".


Today it appears that cox cable has started blocking port 119 (nntp) keeping me form accessing a service I've paid for and used for many years. Now I need to configure something that bypasses that blocking as well.





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