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Deleting Emails Older Than X

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There used to be an option in cpanel referred to as "aging" for email accounts, whereby email older than a specified number of days would be automatically deleted. This feature is referenced in several forum postings, but not since 2005ish, and it appears the the feature no longer exists.


For one account, the email forwards to another email address outside of TCH. The user never logs in, and over time the email builds up until it hits its quota, and error messages go out. Needing to log in 4 times a year to purge is not a terrible burden, but it would be nice to automate this in some way.


Any help is much appreciated.



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I am not sure I understand this but if these emails are only being forwarded to a address outside TCH, there should not be a mailbox that needs to be purged.


If you have created the email address under "Email Accounts", remove it and only use "Forwarders".

This way, the email gets forwarded to the outside address, but no mailbox to purge

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