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Upgrade Wordpress Version


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Been happily running WP for awhile but was happy to leave the version sitting on 2.8.4.


Noting the upgrades over the intervening period I always hesitated - BUT it all seems to work, so I never did upgrade.


The question is will I experience a mess if I attempt to go from 2.8.4 to 3.3 all in one jump?


Is it right that the cPanel, Backup should be used to backup, locally, the entire public_html folder; then the SQL database; then any odds like forwarders.


I'm not sure if it is the whole root that is backed up or just the public_html folder.


Is it likely that this backup will restore out of any mess which might occur?


Thanks very much.


Hope you all are experiencing a peaceful festive season.

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I've been updating all along so I am not sure you if you would have problems but I would assume not. Just be sure to have backups in case something goes wrong.


I would backup the the database and the whole wordpress folder you installed into. Select the HOME backup function and then backup the database through the cPanel backup functions.

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Software updates are released for a reason, be it security or stability. Personally I would never recommend running anything that is even one release outdated. And it is much easier to upgrade progressively as and when an update is available rather than jumping between releases. Wordpress has a very robust upgrade tool on their Dashboard which takes care of all the woes. And although I do take full backups of the accounts when I upgrade wordpress, I never had to use them.

Since your version is a bit behind, please take backups as Bruce suggested, disable all plugins, upgrade WP, then upgrade plugins and enable them one after the other to ensure they all are compatible. Most are, and if they are not, I would suggest you move away from it.

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