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Exit() Does Not Work


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I am using the exit() command in one of my scripts and it is being ignored. Any idea why this would be?


The exit() is within a function which is attempting to grab a value out of an array as follows:


function get_setup_fee($prod_id, $M_PRODS, $M_SETUP ) {

//figure out the location of the product_id in the array and get it's key
$keyz = array_search($prod_id,$M_PRODS);

// now we have the key we the use the same key against the setup fees to find the matching one
$setup_fee = $M_SETUP[$keyz];

echo "The keyz is: " . $keyz;
echo "The prod_id is: " . $prod_id;
echo "M_PRODS is: " . $M_PRODS;
echo "The setup_fee is: " . $setup_fee;

return $setup_fee;


The $setup_fee value being returned is wrong so I want to echo the values to the screen so I can figure out the issue with the code. However the script continues to run so I can't see what the values are. Any idea why this would be?


I read on another forum that in shared hosting it may be "something with either safe_mode being enabled, output buffering being enabled, or error_reporting being enabled.". Anyone know anything about that?


Thanks for the help!




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You could also try changing all your 'echo' statements to error_log() function calls. Like so:


error_log('The keyz is:' . $keyz);
error_log('The prod_id is: ' . $prod_id);
error_log('M_PRODS is: ' . $M_PRODS);
error_log('The setup_fee is: ' . $setup_fee);


Then check your php error log to see what has been written to it.

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