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Wordpress/mysql Details

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Hi. I had a mobile version of website, and I believe at some point I did something dumb and now it doesn't work right. Long story short, I'm trying to reinstall wordpress, and as the company that created the site did it as part of their package the first time, some of this is new to me.


I need to fill in the database connection details for the wp-config-php file, and I don't know where to find this info. Some of it is obvious. . .the database they created the first time is still there, so that's a given.


Here are the details I need to fill out:


-name of database for wordpress


-my sql database username


-my sql database password


-mysql hostname


I am totally unfamiliar with this stuff so it's like fumbling in the dark hoping to find the lightswitch. Help is appreciated, thanks.

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I am going to assume the following

1) you know the database name and it is present on the account

2) you have your cpanel username and password


Log into you cpanel and then navigate to MySQL Databases -> Add New User. Set up a new database user.

Go to Add User To Database and assign the user to the database with full privileges.


Now on the wp-config.php


# name of database for wordpress -> mention the database you have

# mysql database username -> the user you just created

# mysql database password -> the password you assigned to the new user

# mysql hostname -> localhost


There is a tutorial HERE which should help you. Please give it a whirl and if you are still facing issues, contact our technical support team (link on my signature and on the top menu) with all the info. We will gladly check it out.

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